Storytelling has always been an essential slice of my creative life.  I hear many artists wishing their work would “just speak for itself” or lamenting the requirement of creating an artist statement.  I’m the opposite.  I’m always being asked to write less and scale back.  I decided I just needed a medium beyond the artist statement and a format for sharing the stories that arise from my artwork. In my Inside Stories series, I plan to take on the narrative that exists beyond the edges of a painting, before and after the moment the work captures. It is a space where I give names to theRead More →

This piece is the first one I created in my “Unprepared Eye” series, and it has ended up being one of my favorites. I’ve since made several new drawings that occupy a similar mind-space, but at the time in which it was created it was quite an outlier. I began with a vision of an arid almost colorless landscape with memories of Ursula K. Leguin’s The Dispossessed, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series and my love of the dry golden expanse of the Altamont Pass in the summer. The visual device of a “lattice,” or an interlocking form with myriad negative spaces in which toRead More →