visual artist

I think all of my work as narrative. I often create without a preconceived plan, but the story is formed as I layer materials on the surface. In this blog post are short jumping off points for a story for three of my favorite artworks from the past two years.


Dispersal, oil pastel and colored pencil on paper; 30″ x 22″ | 2017

It’s unclear whether this is the hindquarters of a creature that has just landed, or a rooted ancient form that is both rock and plant matter. The carbonized bio-form releases transparent creatures that are nearly invisible against the gray sky into the atmosphere. In the distance, kindred beings reach towards each other in an act of embrace or combat.


Centuries of Wind,  acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 21″ | 2018

The wind has howled through this deeply carved limestone riverbed for lifetimes. In partnership with the water, the wind has worn away these magical holes that appear perfect for fingers… or maybe just for the wind to create music with.  I imagine myself finding the perfect combination of holes to insert my fingers, and this finger placement code would grant access to an internal world.


An Algal Expanse, colored pencil and brush-tip marker on paper; 12″ x 15″ | 2016

A teeming surface divided by deeply-hued fissures that may be solid, or merely a delicate floating carpet of algae.  Sprouting from the depth are stylized nubs that seem to be showing off their garish structure. They’re spaced just enough from each other so they may attract a mate without being hindered by the crowd.