Addison Street Window Gallery Curated by Demetri Broxton Addison Street Windows Gallery Price List February 22 to April 9, 2014 Opening Reception: Saturday, February 22nd 3-5 pm 2018 Addison Street Berkeley, CA 94704 Work is on view 24/7 from Addison Street, right across the street from Berkeley Rep! RSVP for the opening and tell me what you think ofRead More →

My end of the year studio rituals this year have consisted of shifting piles around, reconfiguring tables, photographing artwork and gearing up for new projects. One strategy I’ve found increasingly useful in my studio practice is taking a day to archive the past year’s artwork as a means for planning what’s next.  I discovered while photographing work to be archivedRead More →

Examining the Early Waters  30 x four inch by six inch poplar panels. Cut paper, acrylic, colored pencil and pen. In these small cut paper works, done over the course of 30 days, I pondered the early eons of life on our planet.  When that legendary primordial mixture went from being nonliving chemicals to living.  I started to think thatRead More →

With just one week left in the group exhibition that I helped curate as well as participated in, I’m feeling so supported, inspired and motivated for my next project.  Both the opening and artist talks yesterday were very well attended, and we have lots of fantastic photos to share!  Thanks to the photographers Daniel Zarazua, Katherine Campbell and Eric MurphyRead More →

I’m here enjoying the amazing weather and company at Jack London Square Open Studios. We have a very eclectic mix of artists on display here. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with all the art viewers and I have felt quite supported seeing all the folks from the Artists Engaged critique group and CCA Alumni critique. It feels so motivating to beRead More →

Today is day two of my full-time studio work days during my week off from teaching.  Even though I miss seeing my family greatly (who I normally visit during Spring Break), I feel like it was the right decision to stay behind and work in the studio. I’m feeling immensely excited about the two collaborative projects I’m involved in thisRead More →

I recently responded to an artist’s call for a realist exhibition at Art Zone 461 Gallery in San Francisco.  When looking through my work through the past three years I became increasingly aware that I have two bodies of work happening in my studio.  My cut paper pieces are internal abstract worlds. The remainder of my paintings and drawings buildRead More →