visual artist

Examining the Early Waters 

30 x four inch by six inch poplar panels. Cut paper, acrylic, colored pencil and pen.

In these small cut paper works, done over the course of 30 days, I pondered the early eons of life on our planet.  When that legendary primordial mixture went from being nonliving chemicals to living.  I started to think that what if humanity were someday charged with the task of kickstarting life on another planet, or our own?  In these cut paper works on panel, diaphanous and tentative forms are cradled, pinched, incised and examined by someone unseen.  Mechanical instruments jut in from outside the tiny confines and intervene in these delicate worlds in the hopes of understanding them.

In my casual self-education, I’m surprised and overjoyed by the complexity that exists at the microscopic scale. Tethered to my curiosity about the microscopic, is my growing feeling that our human definition of intelligence is limited.  I’m fascinated how in each branch of life on earth, intelligence is demonstrated differently, and can scarcely fit into our definition of a “highly evolved being.”   The octopus can morph its shape, the raven can remember faces and share the memory with its peers.  It’s in this spirit of surprise and wonder at the diversity of intelligence that I’ve created these vignettes.  In this body of work, I thought about our human desire to experiment and examine in order to understand, and how many times through our experimentation we damage or destroy the life we are hoping to connect with.

See this body of work in person:

30 x 30 Group Exhibition

Blue Line Arts

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Thursday, November 21st-Saturday, December 28th

Saturday, December 21st, 6-9pm: 3rd Saturday Art Walk and Reception.

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