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Art Teacher On Spring Break Part 1

Today is day two of my full-time studio work days during my week off from teaching.  Even though I miss seeing my family greatly (who

Artist's Writings

Showing Love to the Uncelebrated Landscape

I recently responded to an artist’s call for a realist exhibition at Art Zone 461 Gallery in San Francisco.  When looking through my work through

Collapsing the Light Silk

I wrote the following project statement to accompany four of my works that I’m submitting to a show titled “Centering the Margins.”  I don’t know

Life: Expressions of Living

Project Statement For this blog entry I’ve decided to include the project statement I’ve written for the painting on the left and the 14 small


PROJECT STATEMENT This piece of writing was listed as my “Artist Statement” during 2010.  My work has since evolved, but I still feel proud that

The Sagging Tarp in the Woods

THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 My acrylic paintings on panel are a lens through which to view an exhausted looking locale. This group of nets, tarps

Artist's Writings

Into the Fragility

MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2011 The act of cutting and gluing instead of just painting has challenged my natural heavy-handedness.  In this body of work, I’m