Over 30 mixed media works on paper inviting the viewer to an internal world inspired by unfamiliar and unknown life. Treacy uses the media of cut paper, acrylic painting and myriad drawing tools to create highly textured and vivid surfaces. The exhibition is curated by Charmin Roundtree-Baaqee and is the culmination of two years of dialogue between artistic and curator.    EBMUD Oakland Administration Building 2nd Floor Lobby 375 11th Street Oakland, California   An Artist Reception will be held September 1, 2017 5:30 to 7:00 pm   The exhibit is open to the public Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm  For more information, call 510-287-0138 or visit www.ebmud.com/art  Read More →

Featured Artists This year I’m trying something new for East Bay Open Studios.  Not only am I opening up my studio space, but I’m inviting some very talented friends! Together, we’ll be turning the driveway into our own Artist Market! Join me, Bush Mama Africa, Marc-Éddy Loriston and Jo Boyer for two weekends of open studios.  We’ll be serving snacks and displaying original paintings, drawings and prints at our best prices of the year.  We also plan to set up our space to create new pieces, so it’s a great time to see the process. Location: 3707 Penniman Ave. Oakland, CA 94619 Weekend 1 Saturday, June 10Read More →

Project Narrative: A dream is a fertile beginning point for an artist because it so quickly dissolves if not documented. Dreams are the kernels of stories and the underpinnings of my paintings. My dreams, as with my earliest childhood memories, remain with me as color and texture impressions.  Even when I’m not able to name the characters projected upon my subconscious I can clearly recall the lighting, the time of day, the surface and a sense of the atmosphere. Each work in this series begins with the dream memory in the form of a color field—in my case an expanse of similar colors that depict anRead More →

Oakstop Gallery 1721 Broadway (2nd Floor) Oakland, CA 94612 A group of works on canvas and paper created over the past three years.  The mental escape of California and Michigan’s forests serve as a starting point in the artist’s altered and uncanny vistas that consider the changes in our environment and abstraction within plant life. Exhibition runs from September 12 to October 31, 2015 Collector’s Preview:  Saturday, September 12 2pm to 5 pm First Friday Reception + Artist’s Talk: October 2 5pm to 9pm Gallery information: Phone: +1-510-698-9370 Email: info@oakstop.com Hours: M-F, 8:30am – 8:00pmRead More →

May 1 to June 20 | BETTI ONO GALLERY Mixed media paintings on panel and drawings on paper of invented landscapes and liquid-scapes populated with beings that are both gnarled and permeable. Opening reception: Friday, May 1 | 6 to 9pm Artist talk: Saturday, May 16 | 2-4pm First Friday catalog debut: June 5 Official Satellite Exhibition for Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios Week 1: June 6 and 7 | 11am-6pm Week 2: June 13 and 14 | 11am-6pm Betti Ono Gallery 1427 Broadway, Oakland, CA WEB: http://bettiono.com PHONE: 510-473-5919 HOURS: Wed. to Sat. 12-5pmRead More →

Unearthed, Unveiled An Exhibition of New Mixed Media Works by Jamie Treacy and Nicole Dixon Press Release Included Works Online Gallery + Price List Project Statement Exhibition Dates: June 5 – June 28, 2014  Open Studios Hours: June 7 – 8 and 14 – 15 | 11am – 6pm | East Bay Open Studios Map Numbers: 174 & 173 Preview Night: Thursday, June 5 | 7-9 pm        Opening Reception: Friday, June 6 | 6-9 pm Artists’ Talk:  Sunday, June 8 | 2-4pm Betti Ono Gallery 1427 Broadway, Oakland, CA WEB: http://bettiono.com | PHONE: 510-473-5919 A culmination of nearly a decade of artistic conversationRead More →

Addison Street Window Gallery Curated by Demetri Broxton Addison Street Windows Gallery Price List February 22 to April 9, 2014 Opening Reception: Saturday, February 22nd 3-5 pm 2018 Addison Street Berkeley, CA 94704 Work is on view 24/7 from Addison Street, right across the street from Berkeley Rep! http://calendar.insidebayarea.com/berkeley/events/art-opening-/E0-001-066478233-8 RSVP for the opening and tell me what you think of the show on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1445402749010716/ Project Statement: In these paintings, the intimate path-side vista is the source material for my construction of a fictional landscape. When gallivanting through the forest, head down to avoid catching my foot on a protruding rock, the miniature organic habitatRead More →

Examining the Early Waters  30 x four inch by six inch poplar panels. Cut paper, acrylic, colored pencil and pen. In these small cut paper works, done over the course of 30 days, I pondered the early eons of life on our planet.  When that legendary primordial mixture went from being nonliving chemicals to living.  I started to think that what if humanity were someday charged with the task of kickstarting life on another planet, or our own?  In these cut paper works on panel, diaphanous and tentative forms are cradled, pinched, incised and examined by someone unseen.  Mechanical instruments jut in from outside theRead More →

In this gallery I’ve included a variety of small works done on paper that combine  pen, brush tip marker, colored pencil and watercolor.  Some of these compositions will be later be re-imagined in a larger cut paper on panel piece, but I don’t feel that they are rough drafts… I plan on framing several of these as finished works. In regard to their content, I’m continuing my exploration of my fictional landscapes that spiral out of real places, and my imaginary science experiments that are being conducted on odd botanical forms. I’ve included a sampling of these recent drawings embedded into the post, but forRead More →