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Unearthed, Unveiled

An Exhibition of New Mixed Media Works by Jamie Treacy and Nicole Dixon

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Project Statement

Exhibition Dates: June 5 – June 28, 2014 

Open Studios Hours: June 7 – 8 and 14 – 15 | 11am – 6pm |

East Bay Open Studios Map Numbers: 174 & 173

Preview Night: Thursday, June 5 | 7-9 pm       

Opening Reception: Friday, June 6 | 6-9 pm

Artists’ Talk:  Sunday, June 8 | 2-4pm

Betti Ono Gallery

1427 Broadway, Oakland, CA WEB: | PHONE: 510-473-5919

A culmination of nearly a decade of artistic conversation between two artists whose works may seem divergent, given that one is abstract and the other is figurative, but they are indeed telling the same story in two different languages.  

In Jamie’s work, abstracted mechanical and organic beings interact in ways that are both ritualistic and faux-scientific as they arrange themselves into invented emblems. Jamie’s intensely-hued cut paper works teeter between landscape-like and gaseous or liquid expanses where creatures mingle free from gravity. The viewer can expect to see an in-depth exploration of color-field and surface interaction as he combines a variety of papers with drawing and painting materials.  Jamie’s mixed media paintings are presented as works on heavy-weight watercolor paper, and on wood panels.  

Nicole imbues and anoints her figures with totemic symbols to empower them for metaphysical and archetypical journeys.  The canvases are layered with acrylic, watercolor, paper, photos, fabric, charcoal, pastel, gold leaf, and other embellishments that each add their own resonance to the images.  Her heavy-handed high-contrast color palates, and sharp shadows and highlights are a reflection of the deep-seeded intensity her figures emote.  

The two artists have found common ground in their desire to unearth and unveil a life force through their artwork.  They demonstrate that the art object is more than a tool for documentation or expression, but a tool to connect the viewer with a spiritual state.