stria |ˈstrīə| noun (pl. striae |ˈstrī-ē| ) Technical a linear mark, slight ridge, or groove on a surface, often one of a number of similar parallel features. Anatomical any of a number…

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STRIATION Catalog Available Now

Jamie Treacy, Oakland based artist challenges his own understanding and ours of landscape and environment. In this limited edition artist catalog, Treacy captures his emotional connections to incredibly bazar landscapes…

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STRIATION: A Solo Show of New Mixed Media Work

May 1 to June 20 | BETTI ONO GALLERY Mixed media paintings on panel and drawings on paper of invented landscapes and liquid-scapes populated with beings that are both gnarled…

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My Last Artwork on Apgar Street

Memories of art adventures in my little Apgar St. studio 2009-2014

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Unearthed, Unveiled Exhibition: Project Statement

Forging Ritual To be a maker of art objects at a time when our visual media are increasingly presented in virtual forms, without a tangible body; in a place where…

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New Cut Paper Paintings On Display June 2014

Unearthed, Unveiled An Exhibition of New Mixed Media Works by Jamie Treacy and Nicole Dixon Press Release Included Works Online Gallery + Price List Project Statement Exhibition Dates: June 5…

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