Unearthed, Unveiled Exhibition: Project Statement

Forging Ritual To be a maker of art objects at a time when our visual media are increasingly presented in virtual forms, without a tangible body; in a place where artists are becoming increasingly more cramped for space; I am more careful and mindful each time I use my creativity to bring another object into …

‘Embellishing the Figure, Making Symbolic Collages’ Family Workshop led by featured artist Nicole Dixon

Originally posted on BETTI ONO:
In conjunction with the exhibition, ‘Unearthed, Unveiled’ Betti Ono is pleased to present the artist work workshop ‘Embellishing the Figure, Making Symbolic Collages’ led by featured artist Nicole Dixon Saturday, June 14th from 2-4pm.  $10 children (4-17) $30 (family of four or more) Register online here ? ? In conjunction…

Touching A New Intelligence – Exhibition of Work in Cut Paper

Project Statement This group of cut paper paintings is inspired by a short-story titled “Cruciger” by Erin Cashier. In this story, a massive and autonomous ship named Duxa voyages to a liquid planet inhabited by beings that communicate with glyphs on the surface of their skeleton-free bodies. Duxa arrives programmed with the task of refashioning …


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