In this body of work, spanning from 2012 to the present, I use the undeveloped corners of California and my home state of Michigan as source material to reveal a twisting and vital world. Using my own photography as a starting point, I invite the viewer into an otherworldly space where our scale in relation to the subject matter in the painting is unclear. I’m interested in creating a space that’s difficult to enter, but also alluring. In the recent paintings, I have placed an increased attention to the atmosphere in the piece. For example in Barely a Monument, Hopefully a Creature and Cartilage to Feed the Tundra a singular form occupies the foreground, but the viewer can also look into the deep space of a nameless and strange land. The painting surface is also becoming more textured with the addition of fiber paste, tar gel and gel mediums to my acrylic paints. All works in this gallery are for sale unless marked with (SOLD) in the caption. Please email inquire about prices.  

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