Beings in Mid-Mutation: Paintings on panel This series was originally intended to be a part of my recent Necessary Mutation exhibition, but we decided they were their own body of work. Great for display in hallways and intimate spaces. Bodies of work can be tiled and clustered in a variety of formats. All works in this gallery are available forRead More →

Drawings on paper This group of drawings was made over the course of one year (2009). I started the year with the simple challenge that I wanted to focus on improving my drawing skill. As an added challenge, many of the works are depicting watery environments with the very dry media of graphite and colored pencil. This series laid the foundation for myRead More →

Works on paper Oaxaca Valley and Off-Kilter Sanctuary Series 2006-2007  The work in this series is from the time immediately following my MFA program at California College of the Arts.  Upon completing that program, I was awarded a grant from The Center for Art and Public Life at CCA to teach a special workshop to youth artists at the CasaRead More →

Works on paper and panel that incorporate cut paper, painting and drawing The work in this gallery has been continually developed along with my acrylic on canvas works. Working with cut paper allows me to introduce sharp edges and surface depth by using varying thicknesses of paper. I’ve also experimented with adding other textural materials like sawdust, drywall tape, coloredRead More →

Mixed media drawings on paper This group of work acts as a bridge between my artwork that is more faithful to the real world, and my mixed media pieces that are totally invented worlds.  In these drawings, I’m pulling from organic and architectural forms that fascinate me, and then I transform them to fit into a story.  In this narrative,Read More →

Acrylic paintings on canvas In this body of work, spanning from 2012 to the present, I use the undeveloped corners of California and my home state of Michigan as source material to reveal a twisting and vital world. Using my own photography as a starting point, I invite the viewer into an otherworldly space where our scale in relation toRead More →