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From the series: "21 Curiosities in the Multi-verse"

Tonight, at Oakland’s Art Murmur gallery event, I will be exhibiting 21 mixed-media drawings done during January of this year.  The show is a part of a multi-city art challenge that asks artists to create something every day for a month.  I didn’t quite meet the goal of making a complete piece for each day, but I feel quite pleased to have finished 21 pieces in January.  The drawings build on the cut-paper themes I’ve been exploring since fall of 2011.  Many of the pieces began from me pulling simple shapes from Bay Area landscape photos I’ve taken from the past year.  A big source of inspiration was the Albany shoreline and it’s collection of rebar-laden concrete remnants.  The vicious yet playful line that mangled rebar has when a building has been destroyed became a linking device as I drew with colored pencil and marker on top of aqueous color fields.  The end result are drawings that have very few legible connections to the landscape, but reposition landscape elements as symbols. I’m hoping that this group of drawings will serve as studies for my upcoming year’s worth of work.  If you’re out and about at Art Murmur tonight, check out my work at Rock Paper Scissors gallery.  The details are below:

Fun A Day Exhibition

Opens Friday February 3 at 5pm – end of Art Murmur

Rock Paper Scissors Gallery
2278 Telegraph Ave (between 23rd St & Grand Ave) , Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 238-9171