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Project Archive

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The Teeming Rift


Acrylic paintings that focus on the proliferation of life at our feet. The paintings are both faithful botanical studies and otherworldly concoctions.

Touching a New Intelligence


Mixed media artworks that explore interactions between delicate beings and the mechanisms that are experimenting on them.

Into the Fragility


Cut paper and acrylic artworks inspired by fragile underwater worlds.

Soft Fracture


Acrylic still-life paintings that explore transparency, reflection and fracture.

The Slow Return to Gentleness


Large-scale drawings studying the oddities in the world around me; in the city and along the shore of the SF East Bay. Acrylic paintings of aquatic worlds.

The Off-Kilter Sanctuary


Acrylic paintings on panel and watercolor on paper

Narrative Landscapes


Acrylic and watercolor paintings on paper done in Oakland, CA and Oaxaca, Mexico. Done during the second year of graduate school and during my residency at the Casa de la Cultura in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Creating Identity


Acrylic paintings, drawings and prints from my time living in Detroit, Michigan and my first year of graduate school at California College of the Arts (CCA).